Moonstone Ring

  • This rare and magical moonstone is perfectly accented by the gold band and prongs. A more uncommon three prong setting is used to give prominence to the remarkable stone.

      Custom Order  This piece can be recreated for you. Stones will vary slightly as each stone is one of a kind. For inquiries, email us at


      Moonstone is a birthstone for June, along with pearl and alexandrite.Moonstone is also the gemstone for the 3 year wedding anniversary.

        MINERAL: Feldspar group
        CHEMISTRY: KAlSi3O8
        COLOR: Colorless to White, Gray, Green, Peach, Brown
        REFRACTIVE INDEX: 1.518 to 1.526
        BIREFRINGENCE: 0.05 to 0.008
        SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 2.58
        MOHS HARDNESS: 6.0 to 6.5
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