◇ Custom Jewelry Fabrication & CAD ◇

RockShop offers custom jewelry designs for engagement, bridal, anniversary, or any special occasion. Enjoy overseeing and fine-tuning every detail with our custom design process. Our RockShop artisans will work directly with you to ensure you're 100% satisfied with the outcome of your design. 



RockShop experts will guide you through every step of our custom design process. We'll begin by exploring different styles and ideas that interest you. We welcome all forms of inspiration including sketches, photos, old jewelry or heirloom stones to help us gain a deep understanding of your needs, style and preferences.


Generate a 3D Model:

Our skilled artisans will begin by creating a 3D model of the design. During the design process, you can make any changes or modifications to your design.

Rendered images of your 3D model can either be presented in person or emailed directly to you. The computer-rendered images allow us to show you realistic views of your design.

After you have made all of your design adjustments and are entirely satisfied, we ask for a final approval of the 3D model.



RockShop casts the wax design in the precious metal of your choice. Our experienced jewelers will finish, polish and set your desired diamonds & gemstones. You will receive a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that you and your family can enjoy for generations!


Schedule a Consultation:

If you’d like to see the jewelry making process, we invite you to visit our studio in Downtown St. Petersburg. The RockShop’s jewelry pieces have found homes and wearers around the world, and have been featured on TV by top industry hosts. More importantly, they have been adored by thousands of satisfied customers — just like you.


Call us at 727-914-8837 or email us at shop@rockshopjewelry.com to schedule a consultation with a design specialist. 



◇ Diamond, Gold & Watch Buyer ◇

The RockShop not only sells one-of-a-kind pieces... We buy diamonds, gold and watches as well!

Do you have a piece or stock of inventory you’re looking to sell?



◇ Jewelry Repairs & Soldering ◇

If you need your jewelry fixed, you can feel confident that RockShop will do a quality job. 

RockShop proudly does all repair and restoration work in-house using state-of-the-art equipment. We service platinum, gold & silver jobs such as delicate chain repair, gemstone settings, prong replacement, cleaning & polishing.

Our bench jewelers bring over 20 years of combined experience. They all love what they do and proudly stand by their work.



◇ Platinum & Gold Estate Jewelry Restoration ◇

We specialize in restoring vintage pieces such as antiques, heirlooms or estate jewelry. Our refurbishing services range from diamond replacements to complete restoration.

Older vintage jewelry tends to have lived a life of previous repairs, often resulting in poor quality. At RockShop, our highly detailed fine repair work can typically undue prior damage and restore your unique vintage piece to its original (or reimagined) beautiful condition.



◇ Certified Jewelry Appraisals ◇

As not only an independent jewelry design house, but also jewelry appraisal experts with decades of combined experience in the business.

With thorough research, knowledge and precise reporting, we begin the appraisal process by determining the current market value of diamonds, gemstones, antiques, and other types of jewelry — regardless of their age. We bring accuracy, precision, fairness and transparent honesty to everything we do, including our appraisal services.

Our appraisal also includes advice on how to insure your jewels and bespoke pieces against loss, theft or damage. Let us help you discover the value of your jewelry by watching our appraisal process in person at our studio.



◇ Diamond & Gemstone Certification ◇

As a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America, master jeweler and gemologist Carlos Lopez has the unique capacity to provide diamond and gemstone certifications.

Interested in getting your jewels certified? Contact us or visit our studio to get started on the certification process.



◇ Jewelry Cleaning, Polishing & Plating ◇

When you buy a custom piece from the RockShop, you receive not only a lifetime guarantee but also a lifetime of service. If you’re looking to have an existing piece cleaned, polished or plated, we’re here to help.

Contact us or visit our studio in Downtown St. Pete for a dazzling jewelry tune-up and refresh. It’s hard to beat the feeling of donning a shiny rock.



◇ Stone Cutting ◇

RockShop offers full lapidary services from cutting gemstones to repairing broken gemstones, gemstone drilling, trimming and cobbing. Contact us to learn more about our stone cutting services. 



◇ Restring Pearls & Beaded Gemstones ◇

As part of our comprehensive refurbishing and restoration wheelhouse, we offer restringing for pearls and beaded gemstone jewelry. For durability and preventative safety, it’s best to restring pearl or beaded jewelry every 5 to 7 years. Your beloved pearls and gemstones can be entrusted to the experts at RockShop. Contact us for a free estimate.



◇ Watch Repair & Battery Replacement ◇

Time marches on, and so should your watch.

RockShop provides watch repair and maintenance services, in addition to battery replacement.



◇ Lifetime of Service ◇

All pieces purchased from RockShop come with a lifetime guarentee of service, including free polishing, tightening, cleaning & inspection.

Our passion is to provide you with a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece that will last a lifetime and beyond. 



◇ Returns & Exchanges ◇

If you're not happy with your purchase, we want to make it right. You can return or exchange your item up to 30 days of purchase. We offer money back within 15 days and store credit up to 30 days.

◇ Items must be unworn or unaltered, and must be accompanied by the original packaging.

◇ You can't return or exchange custom-designed merchandise, special-ordered watches or any personalized merchandise.

*We can process your return at www.rockshopjewelry.com but exchanges must be done at RockShop.



Questions? We'd love to hear from you.