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Healing Bracelet

Designer: RockShop

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  • Featuring a variety of stones with strong metaphysical properties, these unique bracelets offer a range of healing benefits, while being sure to add a personalized touch to any look. They are fully adjustable to fit any wrist! 

    1. .925 Sterling Silver RockShop Charm
    2. Adjustable length
    3. Black cord 

    • Amethyst is the February birthstone, in addition to having protective properties. Amethyst can help protect against negative energy, stabilize strong emotions, as well as enhance intuition.

    • Pyrite is a stone attracted to Leo’s, as well as acting as an energetic shield for mind,body, and spirit. It is used to unclog old energy and bring new inspiration, making it a perfect companion for artists and creative individuals.
    • Herkimer is the alternative April birthstone, with the ability to clear blockage and remove negative energy. It is also used in accordance with other stones, as it picks up and magnifies frequencies.