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Teardrop Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon

Designer: RockShop

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  • This gorgeous teardrop-shaped rainbow moonstone cabochon is from Madagascar. The clear stone radiates warm and cool tones. 

    1. 4.76 ct Madagascar moonstone
    2. 9.5mm x 10.8mm x 7mm

      Moonstone is a birthstone for June, along with pearl and alexandrite. Moonstone is also the gemstone for the 3 year wedding anniversary.

        MINERAL: Feldspar group
        CHEMISTRY: KAlSi3O8
        COLOR: Colorless to White, Gray, Green, Peach, Brown
        REFRACTIVE INDEX: 1.518 to 1.526
        BIREFRINGENCE: 0.05 to 0.008
        SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 2.58
        MOHS HARDNESS: 6.0 to 6.5
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