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Inside Out: Gemology Through Lotus-Colored Glasses

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Inside Out • GEM•ology Through Lotus-Colored Glasses (2020)
By E. Billie Hughes, Richard W. Hughes, Wimon Manorotkul

This book presents a completely fresh approach to gemology. Dubbing it humanistic gemology, the authors take readers around the world, showing the places they have explored in their search for gems, along with the people and cultures encountered along the way. Within this volume, remarkable photographs of the human world are interwoven with images of the microscopic realm of the gems themselves. In a lifetime beset by time control, where living is broken into ever smaller bits, as you browse through these pages suddenly you plunge into a domain of frozen time, one that affords vistas of millions or even billions of years. For jewels offer not just superficial beauty, but a window on the primordial forces that birthed both our planet and universe.

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