Celebrating A Decade of Dazzling St. Pete

Celebrating A Decade of Dazzling St. Pete

RockShop Fine Gems & Jewelry, located right here in St. Petersburg, was born from the creative vision of Carlos and Christie. In November 2013, they opened their doors to a unique gem and jewelry haven that would blend their passions for gemology, rock 'n' roll, and vinyl records into one extraordinary shop.

A Decade of Dazzling St. Pete

Over the past decade, RockShop has evolved into more than just a jewelry store. With Carlos's expertise as a graduate gemologist and a deep love for rock 'n' roll, the shop has become a one-of-a-kind destination for high-end fashion jewelry, gem specimens, and a trove of vinyl records.

Custom-Made Jewelry

One of the most exciting developments at RockShop is the expansion into custom-made jewelry. With a focus on creativity and innovation, the shop now offers a bespoke experience for customers. Through the art of creative sketches, cutting-edge CAD rendering technology, and precise 3D printing, every customer becomes an integral part of the jewelry-making journey.

Sourcing Exotic Fine Gemstones

What truly sets RockShop apart is their commitment to sourcing exotic fine gemstones from all over the world. They work directly with miners to ensure that each project is graced with the perfect stones. This dedication to ethically sourced gemstones has led to a collection that embodies uniqueness and brilliance.

Complimentary Appraisals

When you choose RockShop for your custom project or purchase fine jewelry in-store, you're not just acquiring a beautiful piece; you're gaining a complete experience. Every custom project and fine jewelry purchase comes with complimentary appraisals. Their commitment to customer satisfaction extends to ensuring you know the value of your cherished jewelry.

Expert Appraisal Services

Beyond in-house appraisals, RockShop offers expert appraisal services for personal and heirloom jewelry. Their team of professionals understands the sentimental and historical value that jewelry can hold. Whether you're seeking insurance coverage or equitable distribution of assets, RockShop provides reliable evaluations.

A Dedication to Ethical Sourcing

As RockShop has grown, so has their commitment to ethical sourcing. Their operations are guided by a dedication to bringing ethically sourced, unique, and innovative jewelry to the St. Petersburg area. The journey of each gemstone, from the mine to market, is carefully curated to ensure not only its beauty but also its ethical origins.

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RockShop Jewelry & Fine Gems is more than a jewelry store; it's a testament to creativity, passion, and ethical sourcing. With a decade of dazzling St. Pete, Carlos and Christie have built a destination that offers an exceptional jewelry experience and a commitment to excellence. It's a journey that's not only about the stones but also about the stories they tell.

Join us in celebrating a decade of brilliance and ethical beauty. Visit RockShop Jewelry & Fine Gems today to experience a world where gemstones and jewelry tell unforgettable tales.