Paraiba Tourmaline Ring

  • One of the rarest, most valuable gems in the world, a neon Paraiba Tourmaline is set into this ring. It's only found in Paraiba, Brazil, and looks beautiful in this simple white gold setting that enhances all aspects of the stone's impeccability.

    1. 14K White Gold
    2. Size 6
    3. 1.75mm Band Width
    4. 0.30ct Paraiba Tourmaline
    5. 4.15mm Center Stone

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    Tourmaline is a birthstone for October, along with opal. Tourmaline is also the gem of the 8th wedding anniversary.

      MINERAL: Tourmaline
      CHEMISTRY: Elbaite Na(Li1.5,Al1.5)Al6Si6O18(BO3)3(OH)4 Dravite NaMg3Al6Si6O18(BO3)3(OH)4 Liddicoatite Ca(Li2Al)Al6Si6O18(BO3)3(OH)3F Chromedravite NaMg3Cr6Si6O18(BO3)3(OH)4
      COLOR: All colors
      REFRACTIVE INDEX: 1.624 to 1.644
      BIREFRINGENCE: 0.018 to 0.040
      MOHS HARDNESS: 7 to 7.5
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