Dainty Herkimer Rope Ring

  • Naturally-faceted, freeform clear Herkimer Diamond Quartz crystals are coveted for their diamond-like shine. This quartz is paired with authentic diamonds on either side with a rose gold rope band.

    Custom Order  This piece can be recreated for you. Stones will vary slightly as each stone is one of a kind. For inquiries, email us at rockshopstpete@gmail.com.


     Diamond is the birthstone for April. Herkimer diamond quartz is an affordable alternative.

      MINERAL: Quartz
      CHEMISTRY: Al2O3
      COLOR: Colorless to smokey
      REFRACTIVE INDEX: 1.762 to 1.770
      BIREFRINGENCE: 0.008 to 0.010
      MOHS HARDNESS: 7.5
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