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Asymmetrical Opal Earrings

Designer: RockShop

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    • These asymmetrical earrings are one of a kind. The blue and green opals are accented with tsavorite garnet, sapphire, and diamonds. This original RockShop design is unlike any other.

      1. 14K Yellow Gold
      2. 0.55ct Boulder Opal
      3. 2pc F-VSI baguette diamonds 0.12ct total
      4. 2pc round blue sapphires 0.02ct total
      5. 3pcs Round tsavorites 0.03ct total
      6. Left: 11.1mm x 5.6mm
      7. Right: 12.2mm x 5.5mm

      Opal is an October birthstone and the 14 year wedding anniversary.

        MINERAL: Hydrated Silica
        CHEMISTRY: SiO2•nH2O
        COLOR: All colors
        REFRACTIVE INDEX: 1.37-1.47
        SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 2.15 (+0.08, -0.90)
        MOHS HARDNESS: 5 to 6.5
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