Carved Turquoise Sharks Tooth Pendant

  •  This hand-carved Sleeping Beauty turquoise shark-tooth with gleaming 14K casted details make a fierce statement. This pendant is perfect for wearing on its own or with layering.

    1. 14k Yellow Gold
    2. Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
    3. 25mm x 24mm Pendant
    4. 13mm x 6mm Bail

    Turquoise is the birthstone for the month of December and the gem of the 11th wedding anniversary.

      MINERAL: Turquoise
      CHEMISTRY: CuAI6(PO4)4 (OH)8.5H20
      COLOR: Blue to green
      REFRACTIVE INDEX: 1.610 to 1.650
      BIREFRINGENCE: Not detectable
      SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 2.76 (+0.14, -0.36)
      MOHS HARDNESS: 5 to 6
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