Strawberry Quartz Drop Post Earrings

  • Quartz with red inclusions of iron oxide is more rarely found, and is often sold under the name strawberry quartz or "red fire" quartz. These stones were found in Brazil. Rose gold accents the faceted strawberry quartz with Herkimer diamond quartz, and rubies. 

    • 2.2grams 14K Rose Gold
    • 15.8mm x 9.7mm Strawberry Quartz, 7.9ct Total Weight
    • 0.53ct total weight Herkimer Diamonds
    • 0.25ct total weight Rubies

      MINERAL: Quartz
      CHEMISTRY: Al2O3
      COLOR: Colorless to smokey
      REFRACTIVE INDEX: 1.762 to 1.770
      BIREFRINGENCE: 0.008 to 0.010
      MOHS HARDNESS: 7.5
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