Sue & Brian <3

August 30, 2018

Sue & Brian <3

Sue & Brian were married on March 5, 2018 at The Cabin Ridge, Hendersonville, NC.


What was your design direction?

Sue: "I wanted a pear or marquise diamond in the center of my wedding band with round diamonds graduating away from the [pear or marquise] diamond to fit around the bottom of the pear diamond on my engagement ring."

RS: Why did you choose RockShop?
Sue:  "I chose RockShop because of their excellent artistry. I knew Carlos could definitely get a full understanding as to what exactly I had in mind for the wedding band of my dreams, and he matched it perfectly with my unique engagement ring."
RS: What was your favorite part of the custom design process?
Sue: "What I liked most about RockShop's custom design process was not only seeing the 3D images of what it would look like, but having an actual wax wedding band to try on and fit with my engagement ring. It gave me an idea of what it would really look like. Seeing and being apart of every step of my band really meant that much more to me, and I couldn't have seen myself going about a wedding band in any other way. Knowing that it's one of a kind makes it so much more sentimental. RockShop made it perfectly for me and only me.


 Thank you Sue & Brian for choosing RockShop!