Jen & Christian

November 05, 2018

Jen & Christian

The Marriage:

Jen and Christian got married at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas on April 15, 2017.  

The Proposal: 
Jen: "RockShop is actually a huge part of this story. Shortly before we got engaged, we were already in the process of having my dream ring made at RockShop.  Christian was pressed with surprising me now that I already knew I had a ring on the way.  Anyone that knows Christian knows he's a pretty low-key guy, so how the proposal happened completely shocked me. I came home late at night after school to find candles lit in the house, and champagne and rose petals leading out into the backyard where I found Christian, our family from Seattle, my family, and all our friends.  He had gotten ANOTHER beautiful ring at RockShop, one that I had really loved as well, and proposed with it.  I can't remember what happened next because I panicked a little bit from excitement. I didn't say yes or put the ring on, but everyone said it was great.  My other ring was ready a few weeks later [and is so perfect]."
Why RockShop?
Jen: "Obviously, I started at RockShop. Originally, I was set on the idea of a raw diamond, something pretty, modern and simple. I did a complete 180 and ended up coveting a 1920's Art Deco ring that couldn't have been more different, and RockShop didn't miss a beat.  Carlos, Christie, and the whole staff are so professional, nice, and very talented. They went with it, and created my dream ring." 
Our Custom Design Process:
Jen: "The custom design process at RockShop made us feel so comfortable.  Every step was painless, and I felt like I knew exactly what we were getting.  Carlos really is an artist.  Every detail of the ring is perfect, down to my specially sourced diamonds from the same era as the style of the ring.The 3D model was super helpful. It was really nice to be able to see what the ring would look like on MY hand."

 Thank you Jen & Christian for choosing RockShop.